OnGoing Projects - List

Spirituality in IT (SiT) Retreats/Seminars/Conference for IT Professionals
Spirituality in IT (SiT) Retreats/Seminars/Conferences for IT Professionals brothers/sisters (BKs & Non BKs) are being organized in different Cities/States of India - Visit Website 1. Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh State) Ema
Solar Thermal Power Project at Shantivan
.....AIM: Design & Development of indigenous tracking Controller for Solar Thermal Power Plant dishLikely Completion Date:Completion Date Yet to be finalized.Status as on 17th October,2014 : Upgraded version of Tracking Hardware & Softwa
Shantivan Accommodation Project -VTS (Visitor Tracking System)
                             AIM  To implement new features - Wings Management, Accommoda
Shanti Sarovar Hyderabad Accommodation Project
....Aim: To facilitate Accommodation to Visitors at Shanti Sarovar - Hyderabad,using computerized systemLikely Completion Date: 31st March,2015Status as on 15th October,2014:1. Server is configured and deployed.2. Training activities are pending.Stag
Mobile Applications Development - Mobile Phones -Android/iPhone,iPad,iPod,Tablet etc.
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